November 23rd, 2017


GoogleTM Just Posted a 2nd record quarterly profit during Recession.
Doesn't that  tell you the Internet continues to make money, while offline business approaches are faltering?

Let us show you how that happens.

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Make money on the Internet 

Now … you know MY Problem.

I am ALWAYS dealing with the skepticism of business owners badly burned by “Internet Marketing” offers, costs, and failures…

What many “Internet Marketing” companies do may be “legal”. But, experience shows them to be overpriced, “over the top” in claims and, most of all, “ineffective”...

Here’s OUR solution…

Look over what’s below… See if this makes sense.
(“Mouse over” the contrasts below.)
Traditional advertising is increasingly perceived as an expensive...Traditional advertising is increasingly perceived as an expensive and non-productive exercise. The obvious expense is coupled with a loss of market share to competitors. Traditional advertising admits to greater and greater irrelevance, commercially.

Internet marketing avoids "guesswork”...Internet marketing avoids "guesswork” to gain dominance in market share through Google Adwords™ (rivaling Television and radio), Social site marketing, ezine marketing, and audio/video online marketing, and others (we teach/use about 30 methods)..
Traditional advertising could only imperfectly analyze... Traditional advertising could only imperfectly analyze competitor strategies and success. This type of advertising often never knows with certainty competitor changes in approach and pricing. In contrast, Internet commercial research can tell quickly…In contrast, Internet commercial research can tell quickly…
  1. How heavy the competition presence is in a given market
  2. How large the consumer base really is
  3. How to budget for campaigns effectively, and
  4. How to measure quickly what consumers want, how much they are willing to pay and how demand may vary for a given product, service or message.
Traditional advertising meant “spamming"... Traditional advertising meant “spamming” people with a message (TV, Radio) in ads “not requested” thereby “interrupting” people to get them to pay attention.

Internet marketing...Internet marketing brings specifically targeted clientele to a website through about 30 online methods we teach.

Business has experienced massive “injections"...Business has experienced massive “injections” of money only to find that “traditional advertising” is expensive and difficult to test effectively. For example, having a directory listing can be a massive “upfront” cost… with increasingly less competitive advantage. Through quick testing and tracking... Through quick testing and tracking procedures electronically, companies know daily which pages are “pulling”, which ads are succeeding, which “call to action” is performing … very frugally.

(If it isn’t comparatively inexpensive, something’s wrong.)
Traditional advertising has transferred...Traditional advertising has transferred its approach to company websites, making them merely “online brochures”. But, weren’t you expecting the Internet to produce customers from the myriads of Internet users? A&D emphasizes the proprietary “Training"...A&D emphasizes the proprietary “Training” of your website pages, transforming each page from being a mere website “page” into a “Trained” virtual Sales Representative (TvSR).
Traditional advertising campaigns...Traditional advertising campaigns had limited life. Also, such advertising usually committed a business to ads which couldn’t change readily,
  1.  Internet ads aren't paid “stationary ads”. They can be changed at any time, as often as the need arises (often several times a day, if desirable)
  2. They can be paused or deleted if need arises.
  3. They can be changed to meet changing events and market conditions,
  4. They have the flexibility to meet the market as it develops, even according to the weather or current events.
  5. You aren't “stuck” with an ad layout.
Internet marketing is designed to regularly... achieveInternet marketing is designed to regularly achieve long-term presence in strategically placed positions throughout the Internet.

Article marketing, blogging, website TvSR, ezine/online newsletter marketing, Email marketing, in-house development of email clientele, autoresponder marketing, are just a few of over 30 methods we teach or use for such marketing.

As such, clientele who have requested your information can now be consistently contacted for follow up exposure to your services and products.
Traditional advertising emphasized “creativity"... Traditional advertising emphasized “creativity” and/or “sensationalized ad presence” as key elements in ad or “branding” campaigns. Internet marketing stresses positioning...Internet marketing stresses positioning in places easily found by your target market and delivering the right (useful) content at just the precise moment your clients want it.
Traditional advertising meant companies needed significant news... Traditional advertising meant companies needed significant news before they used expensive Press Releases, which usually got ink only through media reporters and editors. Internet Marketing uses podcasting, blogs, news releases...Internet Marketing uses podcasting, blogs, news releases to millions of potential consumers as well as media directly, e-books, white papers, and other methods to communicate directly with buyers in ways they appreciate.<.span>
Traditional marketing married companies... Traditional marketing married companies to choices of market penetration. They consumed large expenditures moving in and out of national, local and regional markets. Internet marketing can target local, regional and national markets... Internet marketing can target local, regional and national markets, without significant cost differentials. Internet marketing can utilize national and regional marketing to reinforce local market presence and name (brand) recognition.
Marketing or training conducted by Wayne C. Sedlak, an Internet Marketing specialist with the following credentials:

Expert Internet Marketing with experience in numerous markets. Here are just a few of them:
Health & nutritional promotions Real Estate marketing
Radio promotions Professional services promotions
Manufacturing businesses Blog, webmasters
Educational promotions Online Retail stores marketing
B2B promotions Computer sales promotions
Auction marketing Home businesses
Home improvement & Interior decor promotions New product introduction to the market
Church promotions, charities Automotive online sales
Home school entrepreneurs Authors, artists, musicians
Chiropractic online marketing Handicapped/Home-bound students training
Professional copywriting training for online marketing and/or training of individuals who are experts in their fields. Article marketing so as to position such person(s) as recognized experts in their respective fields.
Publishing online or offline Martial arts, sports, pets
Political & social promotions Inventors
See how Wayne was trained for this new (pioneer) field as an “Internet Marketing Specialist”.
Call or contact us for an analysis of your online market
and what we may be able to do for your company or business.

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Still confused about what makes the Internet different? Maybe this will help...The Name of the Game is Roll Reversal. Click Here To See!

The “Greatest Single Online Mistake” most small businesses make…

The market moves away from you while you wait for customers to "somehow" find your website.

"Marketing is the heart of business... and the ability to be persuasive is the heart of marketing. But... few business people really prefer to DO marketing. Seems like drudgery to most or, at best, an 'after thought' on the way to doing business... Such an approach usually results in a business which becomes a mere 'after-thought'. " - Anonymous

So...what must happen for my business to begin getting clients?

Remember... You have 2 options:
  1. We can do the online marketing for you … or ...
  2. We can train you or someone you designate to learn about 30 different marketing approaches so people can find your business:
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The Internet can provide several key advantages:

You can market locally, regionally, or nationally (or internationally for that matter) OR move in and out of these markets with little or no shift of resources or expense...

Your name can become well-known as an expert in your field.

Even if your market is STRICTLY LOCAL clientele, you CAN use regional or national exposure to help you get clients locally.

You can know what your competition is doing online... and often offline from your research online.

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Copy writing Training for those who prefer it: Basic to our professional help is the fact that we can help you write the text for your site... or train you to do it.

"2nd Chance to Make a first impression": Since most people who visit you don't purchase and then disappear at mouse speed, how do you get them to come back? Get them back to your product offers by going to them. We will build that into your sales process.

Online Communities Marketing can be a source of information, research and customers. We will show you this strategy and how to get positioned in the online communities advantageously. EVERY business should access this element and know what people are saying about your business.

Blogging and RSS Marketing have bypassed the mere "fad" stage and are now serious online marketing "attacks" which can get past the need for a standard website...
Deep Site Marketing: There are marketers who live by this marketing process alone. This means a website with many capacities built into it (This includes navigation, link strategies, text write up, proper density of textual materials, audio, video potential, forms and much more) ... and "trained" (as mentioned above) to attract search engines and clientele in varied markets locally, regionally, nationally, or all of these.

Multiple Streams of Costly Mistakes: This is designed to keep your company from making the common (and not so common) mistakes that have led to the loss of thousands of dollars for novice online marketers. Comes with our SEO service.

Email and Ezine Marketing are two different methods that open up markets for all online businesses. These strategies come with the SEO services we bring you.

Affiliate Marketing: Do you have an affiliate program? Having one, and knowing what to do with it to market effectively so that you can leverage the resources of others and not spend a net dime doing it. The question will be “Does your company NEED affiliate marketing?" (affiliate marketing uses the marketing efforts of others to market your site. This alone can bring in an additional source of income. There are companies that make far more with affiliates than they do even with their own products or services.

The problem is "getting found".
That is the role of the Internet
Marketing Specialist.
Latest Commentary
and Headlines

"A Business of Your Own: Your Primary ‘Investment Program’”

“‘Train’ Your Website to be Your 24/7/365 Sales Rep!”

“Here’s My Real Problem: Why You Won’t Do Business with Me.”

“Accidental Marketing”: Is that What You are Doing?”

“Internet Marketing is NOT Intuitive”

“The Legal Internet Marketing “Services” that Should be Called Internet Marketing ‘Scams’ “

Webmasters Most Often Terrible Internet Marketers.

“I Don’t Know. I’ll Need to Test it.”

Nobody Enjoys “Advertising”: So Don’t “Advertise”

President of Chemical Company Amazed at the Power of the Internet

I am just amazed. Bringing new products to market…and testing the markets ahead of time for market response is such a powerful concept. Imagine going to market online, testing customer responses for “pennies on the dollar”, and THEN investing in inventory based on established online response… It is so powerful a concept, it is just plain stunning. This is true “out of the box thinking” and a sure model for success. I had just never seen it utilized until now. Thank you so much!
Jim Stuart, Owner New Age Chemical

Local Manufacturing Business Competes Successfully in Many of the Most Competitive Markets with Our Program

We compete with some of the most powerful companies in the world. Our customers are found in manufacturing companies of all sizes and industries – ranging from medical fields (including orthodontics, orthopedics, catheters, and surgical instruments) to automotive parts and engines, motorcycles, snowmobiles, pattern and mold makers, the plastics industry, recreational and consumer products industries.

Despite the wide range of competitive markets, we can compete across the board in all of these industries, and have successfully done so since our staff was trained by Wayne Sedlak.

We are consistently found on front page Google™ and have stayed there month after month. In fact, we haven’t had to touch our latest group of ads there for over 5 months – we just keep getting a steady stream of customers all the time.

It’s great to be able to control our costs, put the marketing on autopilot and do what we do best… service our clients!

We really do recommend Wayne’s training for business growth, competitive positioning of online products and services. We are constantly increasing market share through our Internet marketing program.” (emphasis added).

Tim Winters
Partner, T. J. Grinding
Waukesha, Wisconsin

Cardio-Vascular Surgeon “Prescribes” Internet Program Training

Medical mishaps and mistakes as well as prescribed error have made the medical profession the third largest cause of death in the U.S.A.

As a retired surgeon who has seen it all from the inside of the profession, I have a deep desire to present legitimate medical and scientific alternatives so people have opportunity to make intelligent choices and avoid scams. But to do that, I’ve had to learn copywriting skills for effective communication in the online world. I’ve learned from Wayne’s copy writing principles and skills for online marketing and writing. You can too. Learn it well. Learning how to write good content for the Web is a vital skill for anyone to master.

Dr. Robert Gamble
Cardio-Vascular and Thoracic Surgeon (retired)
Chicago, Illinois

Early Pioneer Internet Marketer and Online Technology Engineer
Applauds Program
I've been involved in Internet marketing almost since the beginning of the Internet. I have seen it grow and develop into a powerful set of skills and "not-so-obvious" principles of marketing maturity.

Direct response marketing online is known by relatively few in the online world. Your Leveraging Influence set encompasses literally hundreds of techniques, tactics and skills of online marketing discernment, which so many small businesses and entrepreneurs need if they are going to build and compete with their businesses… Or if they are involved in charity work, ministry, or outreach, they should learn the skills in this set so as to build, research and expand their influence, while making contact with more people globally, nationally, or locally. With these principles, markets and clients can now be accessed and targeted almost immediately…and qualified for direct response quickly, saving expense and time. Good job in the Leveraging Influence training. I believe this fills a needed gap in the thinking of people and small business.

Robert Laplante
Internet marketer
Online technology engineer North Carolina

Construction Company Moves into New Markets within 2 Weeks!

We moved into an entirely different market online with Wayne’s training program. Within two weeks we were getting traffic locally…and it hasn’t stopped. Thank you.
very much!

Builder’s Choice Concrete
Fredericksburg, VA

College Professor and Internet Marketing Expert Applauds Program

Direct Response, Permission-Based, online marketing approaches have revolutionized the Net in the past 4 years. As a long-time internet marketer (over 12 years now) and researcher, I have seen it all. I have seen different techniques, approaches and schemes come and go. Most of them were doomed from the start because they didn’t understand the Net and how to market on it. They also appealed to “the quick buck” irresponsibly leaving people without a clear understanding of online marketing principles.

What Wayne has been teaching his students is the skillful approach to internet marketing for small businesses and outreach programs. Those are the kinds of training SKILLS and savvy needed for online marketing success. With them you can learn to market almost anything. I applaud his efforts. Learn these skills… Count on the fact your competition will!

-Bill Cozzolino
Pioneer in “Web conferencing internet online phone chat virtual meetings”
Peninsula College Instructor
Port Angeles, Washington

Legally Blind and Disabled...He built an Online Business to 5 Figures a Just Four Months

Being blind is a real disadvantage no doubt. But, being disabled and homebound on top of that brought me to the point of real desperation. Fortunately, my friend Wayne Sedlak introduced me to the skills necessary for building a business online.

Taking one skill teleseminar training at a time, avoiding scams, and being diligent with my new internet marketing business, I was able, in just a few months, to build my gross revenues to five figures a month thus far.

Think of it! From zero to five figures in just a few short months! What Wayne taught me was not only an online teleseminar training of skills, but sound principles of economy, and good marketing principles. Thank you very much Wayne.

Sirichai WiriyaWilmington NC


I needed this training. As a businessman and pastor, I knew I needed to use the Internet to build in both callings. As fascinating as the Internet can be, learning to position my business message and our church message effectively across the Net was NOT intuitive. It takes real skill and proper training. Without that kind of training, I realized then, there could be no real success online in either my business or the church. Thank you so much!
Forsell Gappa
Business Owner, Marshall Best Security of Wisconsin
Pastor, Alto Christian Reformed Church
Waupun, WI

Author and Professional Collector Out Ahead of Recession!

This program was Godsend! My regular job has been more and more tenuous as the weeks go by. If this recession continues to grow, it is just a matter of time before I’m without an income from that source. So… I registered with Wayne’s training program (done through teleseminars right to my home office!).

The fact that I could quickly enter my niche again and watch as my business begins to position itself online, is not just fascinating… it’s a real lifeboat for what could have been a drowning man. With my new website and newsletter growing, I now have the comfort of knowing I’m out ahead of the recession with my business getting positioned online now – the perfect “fall back position” for anyone.

Craig Roiske
Antique Stove Expert,
business owner
Newsletter: The Antique Stove Exchange

Churches and Ministries Get Online Help to Reach Clientele

For years I have had the pleasure of watching Wayne advise and help churches, church ministries, non-profit organizations, private schools and home schoolers as they built and expanded their callings, outreach and vision. In his own case, he was mentored by one of the world's leading free market economists and his own brilliance is exceeded only by his vision and desire for "right" to prevail!

He has always had a real desire to see churches, private schools, charity groups and home schoolers learn to use sound principles of economics and entrepreneurship, something which has been all too rare. Perhaps the day will come, as Wayne hopes, when home schoolers and private schools will seriously pursue entrepreneurial training,
on a greater scale than today. Crucial to such success is the one issue most people learn the hard And in an age where Internet marketing is not understood well, such expertise can fill the necessary gap.
John Selck, retired investment adviser and personal mentor Former president, The Selck Group Ramona, California